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November 11, 2023

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November 2023

Can you believe it’s already November?!

Getting into the spirit of a month that’s all about thankfulness, I want to take a moment to express how grateful I am for each one of you! THANK YOU for your support of my small business.

November is full of fun holidays, but one of my favorites is International Accounting Day! Keep an eye on my Instagram (@lktbook) for a behind-the-scenes journey on how I got to where I am today!

Make Next Year’s Taxes Easy As Pie

  1. MAKE A LIST of all the documents that were needed for your tax return this year. Mark documents as final if they’re for an account that was closed last year.
  2. FILE YOUR RETURN as soon as you have all your tax documents ready to go!
  3. WORK WITH a bookkeeper and tax professional! The most stressful part of tax season is being worried you’re going to screw something up by doing it all yourself.
  4. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT with your tax professional to review your financials NOW and plan ahead.

My Bookkeeper Needs…

When should I contact my bookkeeper?

As a business owner, the answer to this question may surprise you! With certain things, the answer may be “yesterday.” HA!

As a bookkeeper, communication is key (most clients agree)!

You will hear from me when I need guidance on how to allocate a transaction in your accounts, if I see a large purchase, and monthly with financial reports sent to you. Surprisingly enough, the bank does not always give me enough information to complete the bookkeeping without asking a few questions.

It is important to communicate any changes to your business A.S.A.P. to your bookkeeper so your financials are up to date and accurate.

Your bookkeeper needs you to communicate these things when they happen in real-time:

  • securing a loan
  • loan payoffs
  • buying a vehicle
  • selling a vehicle
  • open a bank account
  • close a bank account
  • buying real estate
  • selling real estate
  • hiring an employee
  • offboarding an employee
  • buying equipment/machinery
  • selling equipment/machinery
  • new/different expenses for your business

Recommended Listening

A new podcast recording right here in Chattanooga – The Square One Podcast

The hosts will take you back to “Square One” with their entrepreneurial guests so you can learn from their experiences.

“Square One goes beyond surface-level discussions and delves into the nitty-gritty details of real-world entrepreneurship.“ Follow this link: https://bit.ly/LKTSquareOne

Small Biz Saturday


  • Like, follow, and share their posts on social media!
  • Refer your friends and family to them!
  • Leave them a review or testimonial!
  • Attend their events and invite another small biz owner!
  • Sign up for their newsletter (or forward to a friend!)

Channeling Bob Barker

One of the biggest things I see entrepreneurs mess up on when they start their business is how to price their offerings strategically.

It’s easy to want to price as low as possible to get your foot in the door, but how can you handle increasing your prices later on? CLICK on the photo to receive a free copy of my Pricing Guide to learn more about the most common pricing strategies and what questions you should be asking yourself!

Have questions? Let us know!

Know a friend who could use our help?

We would love to support them!

The biggest compliment is that you trust us with your bookkeeping.

The second biggest compliment is when you send your friends our way!

Refer a business owner who signs up for monthly services and receive a $100 cash referral gift. You can send this intake link to your friends: bit.ly/LKTLead

Your support of our small business makes all of this possible, thank you!

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