We provide bookkeeping through QuickBooks Online including:
  • Expense and income reports
  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Deposits and bill pay
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Invoicing your clients or creating invoicing processes
  • Having your books in order for tax time

We have a passion to put order to chaos, and we can help you get your books in order so you know, month by month, if you're making money or have a leak somewhere that you had no idea about!

Allow Us To Do The Books, So You Do What You Know Best!

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Meet your Bookkeeper

If you ask Melissa if she ever dreamed that working from home assisting business owners with their bookkeeping would be her future - the answer would be no. For the first twenty years post college, Melissa worked as an athletic trainer. She transitioned out of athletic training and was approached to work for a friend's business - doing all the behind the scenes work that he no longer had time for - and, she thrived. What she loved the most about it - the bookkeeping. After working in that position for three years, she decided to start her own business, and Lookout Bookkeeping was born in 2021. When Melissa is not working, she enjoys making meals for family and friends, buying plants, time with her crafts (knitting, quilting, and cross stitch among her favorites), and traveling with her husband and children.

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75+ Tax Write Offs for Business Owners

"Can I write that off?" - Every single one of my clients. 

When it comes to tax deductions for business owners, the BEST way to ensure that an expense can be written off as a tax deduction is to ask your tax professional who is familiar with your unique business!

    With that being said... I've compiled a list of 75+ expenses that *could* be deductible for you to run by your tax accountant. Fill out your name and email below to grab this free resource. Then, check your inbox!